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Whether you need a simple solution for sharing studies with referring physicians or patients over the Internet, or a business solution for second opinions, trauma transfers, teleradiology, ETIAM-Connect is THE solution.

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Case Studies

Integrating Outside Images  Read online

The management of outside images, and CDs in particular, is becoming a major difficulty at many hospitals. Given the increasing volume, a standardized hospital-wide process to handle these images is required. While image management may follow a range of varied scenarios, a mechanism for distinguishing trauma or other urgent images from non-urgent files is critical. Also, care must be taken to ensure that outside images are identified with existing files for the same patient, if any. Efforts must also be made to ensure that images for patients with similar names are identified properly.
Automated processes should play a key role in streamlining the management of outside images. Such automation must be able to process images on any media—whether film, CD/DVD or electronic. It must also effectively deal with images in standard DICOM or any common DICOM variant. As imaging documents and images from beyond radiology are increasingly stored electronically, a management system (typically, EHR) should also include and automate the management of these images.


Product brochure


DICOM Conformance Statement (ETIAM Nexus)
IHE Integration Statement (ETIAM Nexus)

ETIAM Nexus: Study sharing server

ETIAM Nexus is the core component of ETIAM-Connect. This server is installed on the network and enables to both share studies with outside facilities and integrate incoming studies. Its architecture ensures that medical data is stored in compliance with telehealth regulations and directives.

ETIAM Remote Access

A service for accessing ETIAM Nexus anytime, anywhere to view studies. Only a Web browser is needed. ETIAM guarantees the privacy of data exchanges passing through its ETIAM-Connect network.


A software component that ensures the privacy of exchanges between your workstation (whether in your office or at home) and ETIAM Nexus.

ETIAM Web Access

Services for downloading from or uploading to ETIAM Nexus:

  • Web Upload enables the patient to send you their imaging studies over the Internet securely.
  • Web Download enables the patient and the healthcare professional to download the study shared from within ETIAM Nexus to have a backup copy or to view the study on a workstation.

ETIAM Image Distribution

This service enables you to share studies to make them immediately available to your patients or referring physicians via a secure Web access. Note that this service integrates seamlessly into ETIAM-Publish line of CD/DVD recording solutions so that you can provide a digital Web version of the studies in complement to CDs or printed booklets, or even to replace these classical media with only a Web distribution mode. Studies can be viewed in a simple and intuitive Web HTML 5 developed by ETIAM (ETIAM Viewer Online). Therefore, you don’t need to install any software on your PC.


This DICOM image server enables you to store imaging studies. ETIAM STaR support most DICOM formats including ‘Visible Light’ formats dedicated to imaging modalities except radiology (images and motion video). Depending on IT infrastructure, you may implement a neutral archive server (VNA) by managing yourself the storage and archiving of data on your SAN.